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Omni is always in the market for a good deal.

With over 100 properties in its portfolio, Omni is skilled at whatever challenge a property may hold.

Projects are carefully selected and must have a positive impact on businesses and the community. Omni is an innovative, value-added asset manager that looks for long-term quality assets. You may find our properties for sale here and our acquisition criteria here.

Our Criteria

Omni is in the business of adding value through their expertise in all aspects of real estate. From an untouched parcel to a multiple story office building and everything in between, Omni is prepared to build value.

Land Existing Structures
Zoned for Office Building Office Building
Zoned Industrial Industrial
Zoned Office/Industrial Multi-Tenant Office/Industrial Multi-Tenant
Zoned Retail, Small to Mid-sized Retail, Small to Mid-sized
Zoned Residential Apartments Residential Apartments
Zoned Residential Cluster Homes/Condos
Large Residential Tracts with Adequate Sewer and Water Capabilities


Minimum Expected Rate of Return:

Existing Office 12%
Build to Suite or Spec Office 15%
Retail 13%
Retail Land 17%
Existing Industrial 11%
Industrial Land 15%
Existing Apartments 10.5%
Land for Apartments 14%
Land Zones Residential Cluster homes/condos 14%
Residential Land with Adequate Sewer and Water Capabilities 15%

Risk Tolerance

Omni is a conservative incremental developer with the ability to withstand risk in phased developments using security from equity in portfolio properties to support speculative construction and lease-up.

If your property fits this criteria, please submit
it for our consideration and include the following:

  1. Net operating Income (actual)
  2. Net operating income (proposed)
  3. Plot plan with acreage/parking layout
  4. Address, location information
  5. Tax assessed value
  6. Environmental Information
  7. Surrounding property description
  8. Rent roll

You may send it to:

Omni Property Companies
Wade Dougherty
Acquisition/Disposition Manager
29225 Chagrin Boulevard #285
Pepper Pike, OH 4412

Please note that any properties submitted without any of the above will not be considered.

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